Terms and Conditions
PR Services and Media Coaching with Queen Chioma Nworgu
(Trading under UK's Dazzling Beauty Ltd)

Purpose: The terms and conditions of this PR Services and Media Coaching Package will be focused on Media and Publicity Coaching and Educational Services.

Services and Delivery: 
(i) Client agrees to the rules of the course or coaching package
(ii) The total sessions agreed to deliver for this coaching package for the agreed months. However, if for any reason the sessions cannot hold within the time frame, both the Coach and the client must agree to alter the dates/times. The client can also request for more sessions as long as they are happy to pay extra fees for sessions.
(iii) All packages are educational and coaching and some services may also include done for you services such as Pitching to the Media on your behalf.  

Cancellation Policy: 
(i) Once PR and Media Coaching sessions begin both the Coach and client must be committed to attending the sessions
(ii) If for any reason the client fails to continue with the sessions, she/he still has to pay the full fees as agreed for the full package even if she/he do not complete the coaching sessions.
(iii) If client signs up to a course or courses, client must complete payment and can not cancel payment half way through the course.  

Late Policy: 
(i) Being late to the session could result in losing the slot. If the client is later than 15 minutes for the coaching call, the session will be forfeited (meaning that the client will lose the session and still pay for it) therefore it is important to be well prepared and be punctual to show up for the session on the time agreed.
(ii) However, if the client gives notice that he/she is running late for the session the session will go ahead however it will be cut short.
(iii) If client is running late to a Group Coaching session he/she may still attend the session (even if more than 15 minutes late) in most cases the replay will be sent within 48 hours of attending the online class.
(i) Client agrees to pay the full fee for the PR services and Media Coaching service. Client can pay in one installment or in three installments.
(ii)  If client chooses to pay in installments client will need to pay an additional 15% admin fee.
(iii) Payments will need to be paid every 30 days by PayPal or bank transfer.
(iv) A deposit will be paid in advance to the commencement of the PR service and Media Coaching sessions.
(v) This agreement is binding and so if the client starts the coaching sessions she/he will be obliged to complete the sessions and complete full payment for the package.
(vi) Client agrees that company may charge client a 5% charge for any late payments if you make payments more than 3 days late.

Materials and Content: 
(i) The content and materials shared with the client are for she/his use only
(ii) The materials used for this training belongs to the Coach and must not beshared by any other person without seeking for permission from the Coach who prepared the materials. Failure to adhere to this will be deemed breaching the rules of copyright.
(iii) Client gives permission to use client’s images, videos, social media links (that best represents the client) for promotional purposes which includes pitching the client to the media and seeking opportunities for the client.

Course Rules:
(i) Client agrees to abide by all Course rules and regulations presented by the Coach/Company throughout the programme.
(ii) Client agrees to adhere to all the rules and regulations presented by the Coach/Company in the private Facebook group.
(iii) Client agrees to complete payment plans or pay in full for courses. 

(i) There are no refunds with any of the Coaching programmes. Coach will be committed to deliver the package as agreed and therefore will expect the client/s to be also committed to showing up and doing the work agreed also.  
(ii) There no refunds for courses. 

Client Responsibility and Liability:
(i) Client agrees that PR consultant cannot control Media companies i.e. Editors, Event Organisers, TV show hosts, Radio Presenters etc, or force them to book the client.
(iii) Client accepts the fact that results may vary
(iiii) Client agrees that the Coach may substitute the programme (in rare cases) with the equivalent if unforeseen circumstances occur.

Chargebacks and Use of Card: 

(i)   Client shall not make any chargebacks to Company’s account
(ii) Client should not change or cancel the debit or credit card that without written permission from the company/Coach.    
(iii)   Client is responsible to pay all fees associated with collection agencies if debts are sent to a collection agency. 

(i) Company makes no guarantee that service provided will meet expectation or requirements.

Personal Information/Confidentiality: 
(i) What you share with the Coach during all sessions will be kept highly confidential
Exceptions include:
• A breach of the Professional Code of Conduct (if that applies)
• A person being at risk to themselves or others
• Illegal or unethical actions.

(i) The role of the coach is to:

·        Be inquisitive
·        Ask questions to help the client find their own answers and solutions
·       Provide feedback and alternative perspective to the situation/discussion points
·       Offer guidance in the form of signing-posting or direction for the client to further research
·       Enable and encourage the client to maintain control

(ii) Clients are advised to seek appropriate advice from a Medical Doctor, Fitness Instructor, Dietician, Nutritionist, Teacher/Lecturer, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Lawyer or Counsellor (if or when appropriate). Please do not replace professional/medical advice from qualified experts for the coaching sessions.

(iii) Company or coach will not be held responsible for any decisions or actions that the client chooses to takes as a result of the coaching or PR services or thereafter

(i) By writing, signing ‘I agree’, by checking a box or by sending payment via paypal or by bank transfer or by starting the Coaching sessions or a course/courses with Queen Chioma, this means that you are legally agreeing to Queen Chioma’s Coaching Contract and Terms and Conditions under the company UK’s Dazzling Beauty Ltd. It also means that you are entering into a binding agreement.