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Attract Media Interviews, Prepare for good PR and turn your Publicity into Gold (Clients, Sales, Cash and Influence) | taught by Queen Chioma Nworgu

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I'm so excited that you are here woo hoo because this is the time for you to BREAK INTO THE MEDIA in a bigger way than ever before and use PR to skyrocket your brand. 

About me: 
My name is Queen Chioma Nworgu, I'm an International Motivational Speaker, a TV Presenter, a PR and Media Coach/Publicist with a Masters degree in Education and a BA (hons) degree in Mass Communications and Sociology. 

Some of my media achievements and why did I create the PR and Media Bundle: 
I created the PR and Media Bundle as I've been super blessed to have attracted over 150 TV interviews/appearances on different TV channels which includes Ben TV, ITV, ITV 2, ITV Be, MTV, Faith TV and so much more. I have also attracted years of TV Presenting work, Podcast interviews, Newspaper features, publications and I'm a contributor to two Media platforms. 

I have also been blessed with an abundance of local, national and international Speaking gigs and I help my clients to attract similar opportunities and more (i.e. Magazine covers, podcast interviews, media appearances, guest blogging etc). 

This fabulous bundle is packed with hours worth of content, all of the tools, ideas, and strategies to help you prepare for big media opportunities. My vision is to see 1000 women go through the bundle in 2019. I'm trying giving back so that you never have to struggle with pitching to the media and understanding what it takes to manifest publicity for your brand.  

What are the benefits of signing up to the PR and Media Bundle: 
Results may vary but some of the results to expect includes the following: 
- Attract good visibility and good PR for your brand 
- Learn how to secure your next 15 Media interviews with ease and flow (TV interviews, podcast interviews, radio interviews, magazine features, publications and so much more)
- Become the celebrity version of you
- Increase your visibility and raise your influence and credibility
- Receive powerful worksheets, workbooks, video trainings and audio trainings designed to help you get your PR house in order 
- Learn the media do's and dont's to avoid making media mistakes

- Improve your interview technique
- Attract new clients, sales, money and cash by increasing your reach and raising your impact
- Grow your audience on Social Media.

- Receive tried and tested sample pitch letters to the media and follow up letters. 
And so much more :-) 

Featured Testimonial: 
“Queen has such beautiful energy, I couldn't wait to reach out and connect with her. Working with Queen felt like I was working with a friend. Even though I have credentials in Mass Communications and PR, there was so much I learned which included pitching, positioning myself to attract media with a media page on my website, social media strategy, wardrobe considerations, etiquette and most importantly mindset with positive affirmations. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Queen and recommend her PR & Media Bundle for anyone who is serious about attracting PR for their business or brand. Thank you Queen!”.
- Monique Russell
Inspirational Teacher, Executive Communication Expert
and Founder of Clear Communication

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Queen Chioma Nworgu
Queen Chioma Nworgu
Instructor Title

My name is Queen Chioma Nworgu MA, BA (Hons). I am an International Motivational Speaker, a TV Presenter and a PR and Media Coach for Women Entrepreneurs. I help 5, 6 and 7 figure Female Coaches, Girl Bosses, Aspiring Celebrities and Beauty Queens to break into the Media, manifest media interviews and features along with helping them to attract good PR. 

If you have any questions e-mail us here:

Course Curriculum

Media Interview Questions
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Media Appearances, Attending Celebrity Events and High Profile Events
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NEW: How to Turn your PR into Gold (Clients, Sales, Cash and Influence)
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Overcoming Media Blocks and Fears
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Bonus Webinar - Answers to Frequently asked PR and Media Questions
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